Social Anxiety and Me

Happy Monday! Furlough has ended and I’m back at the day job. Bleurgh. But at least I have this Monday off to work on writing-related activities.

I recently contributed a post to Onyx Student Support’s blog on the subject of social anxiety and how it has affected my life. Click on the link to read my story.

Other than that, I guess I’m struggling by, trying to find work, trying not to worry too much about what our lives are going to look like in the near future as some sort of New World Order establishes itself.

You can relate, right?

I’m getting through it with coffee, exercise (namely, learning how to dance with the help of YouTube), listening to music (lo-fi is my thing right now), reading, and, most importantly, the love and support of my family (always remember the more important things).

That’s all for now.

Bis spater!



Sad (God in the Computer Screen)

I am so sad —
I squeeze my soul out for you to see;
Wring it out like a flannel —
Wring out those very words that haunt me.
Read my heartbreak, my memories —
How sad I am, how unique,
Living in this modern world
Where loneliness has swallowed me.

What more can I do, but
Reach God through my computer screen —
And pour out the words for you to see:
Reflections of a bleeding heart;
A shattered mind —
Liberate in poetry.

From my forthcoming poetry collection, Autodestructsuperstar.